About Me

I’m Jenny Alton. I write short stories, and sometimes other things. You can get ahold of me at jalton@mail.sfsu.edu or @jennyoalton.

I’m pursuing an MFA in fiction at San Francisco State, where I taught an introductory creative writing class with an enrollment of 100 undergraduates, was Co-Curator of the VelRo Reading Series, and Assistant Fiction Editor at Fourteen Hills. I’m currently an editorial assistant at Counterpoint Press and its imprint Softskull. I am also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Ukraine 2011-2013), an amateur printmaker, photographer, and baker.

Before moving to San Francisco in 2014 I rode my bicycle over 2,000 miles from Vancouver to the US/Mexico border in San Diego with my boyfriend. I compiled a book from his blog, and you can buy it on blurb, if you so desire. There’s also a Ken Burns documentary. I think that’s it.