Living Library!

On Saturday we hosted a Living Library at School 18, and with the help of my friends who acted as Books and Translators, we had a really great time. Initially Olga and I were a little disappointed that only 2 of our students participated, but after some discussion we decided that it’s useless to be continually disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm shown by teenagers (because¬†really, will that ever end?) but rather we should focus our energies on the two students who came to school on a Saturday without their friends. I know that when I was their age I was too petrified to do anything unless my friends would be doing it too.

So, molodyets Yegor and Sasha, my perpetual participants.

Check out a video of the event here!


2 thoughts on “Living Library!

  1. Katherine February 20, 2013 / 1:09 pm

    What a great video! I’d heard of these events but never had the chance to actually see one in action. Now I’m going to forward this to a librarian friend in New York, maybe it will inspire her to do something similar! : ) Thanks for posting


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