Biking the Pacific Coast

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written a post, but the time has come again. Tomorrow Nick and I will board the Pacific Coast Starlight, a train that will take us from San Jose to Seattle in no less than twenty four hours, followed by a four hour bus ride to Vancouver. (Not a sleeper train either, we can’t afford it;will definitely be missing Ukrainian platzcart tomorrow, though I’m confident in my ability to sleep anywhere under any circumstance, thanks again, Peace Corps! ) We’ll have to reassemble our bikes and navigate downtown after arriving at twelve thirty at night, a most challenging, and I think, fitting way to begin our month and a half long tour from Vancouver to San Diego along the Pacific coast, roughly 1800 miles.
Today we unpacked our panniers, bought camping food at Trader Joe’s (foil pouch Indian food and cous cous, not bad) took pictures of the whole lot, reevaluated whether I truly need that many extra shirts and a dress, repacked the panniers, loaded up the bikes, weighed them, (thirty pound bike + fifty pounds of gear = eighty pounds of potential regret) rode them around the neighborhood a bit, reevaluated whether I truly need to bring my Lubitel medium format camera when I’ve got both a digital camera and trusty Smena, reevaluated whether I truly need to bring a laptop when I’ve got a WordPress app and Nick’s bringing a much more reasonably sized tablet, reevaluated whether I should really be taking on the full weight of our food stores in my front bags (twenty three pounds) while Nick took on our cooking gear (thirteen pounds), switched things around, put the bags in a pile, and went out for Thai food with my parents.





So, a lot of reevaluation going on, but I feel as prepared as I think I’m going to be.
That concludes my placeholder introductory post, more to follow soon!
For a much more entertaining and thorough account of the origins of this trip, plus a very detailed packing list and bike specs,  check out Nick’s blog at Crazy Guy on a Bike.


2 thoughts on “Biking the Pacific Coast

  1. crazyaboutukraine July 2, 2014 / 9:54 am

    Wow, this sounds super cool!!! Can’t wait to read more / see more pics. I grew up in Oregon and always heard stories about the PCT. Hope you guys have a fun and safe trip : )


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