One: 70, 10:30-8:30
Two: 40, 2:00-8:00
Three: 61, 12:30-9:00
Four: 68, 11:30-7:30

We’re slowly returning to a normal sleep schedule. Hopefully we’ll soon be in bed early, and up early enough to leave camp before nine. So far the latter half of each day has been a race to find somewhere to sleep before dark. It’s not that fun. Tomorrow we’re leaving early and only planning on riding forty miles, then relaxing for a bit at camp instead of rushing to get everything set up and cooked, then sleeping at midnight.
We’re also doing better on the food front, stopping and snacking often today certainly helped Morale a lot (at least mine. Nick can subside on water and air and not complain about anything except a potentially worrying knee, while I can’t form sentences and it hurts to sit or move my legs, which is basically all I need to do all day).

Radio silence on the picture front due to phone running out of batteries.
We rode about sixty eight miles today, and we’re staying at a hotel in Shelton, Washington and had a big night out on the town at Denny’s.
The ride today was mixed. A lot of hills. A whole lot. But I think our dinner cum breakfast of beans and potatoes helped us whether them better than before.
We got lost a few times and almost entered a freeway, but figured out a circuitous route through google maps. Exciting news: the lid to our bottle of cooking oil wasn’t screwed on tightly enough and managed to leak through its Ziploc and Nick’s front pannier. We noticed it dripping strangely during our lunch break. Also dripping strangely: our super delicious peanut butter from trader joe’s, through the holey loaf of bread we bought at Bread Farm somewhere further north. Lunch is usually eaten upright with a wide stance.
More exciting news: despite today’s hills and severe cramping in my legs and protesting saddle sores, I didn’t cry! A lot of labored breathing and horrible faces, but no more body wracking woe is me. Yesterday after a horrible hill (clocked in at 3 mph for way too long) we took after going 15ish miles off the route I had an Oscar worthy speech for Nick that we laughed about later.
I can’t tell you how much time I spent pulling my bike up a steep grade at three miles per hour today. It’s an incredible mental exercise to just trundle along like that for however long it takes, or to go along an ever so slight incline for hours, never quite getting above seven or eight. If you don’t bike a lot, that won’t mean much. But it’s unceasingly and infuriatingly slow.
There were a few sections of really nice gentle downhill for long periods of time,  where, with a little work, we were cruising at twenty or so.
There were also gorgeous lakes and forests and occasional glimpses of mountains in the distance.
I’ve got to stop blogging so late, because I’m exhausted and lacking in any creativity of expression.


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