I was thrilled to be a featured reader at VelRo: The Velvet Revolution Reading Series on November 17, 2014 alongside talented classmates Corey Gruber and Jason Wimbish.

I squeezed that 20 minute timeslot for all it was worth, grabbing every second I could. Looking back on the video that was a bad idea, rushing through my words and nearly collapsing into a trembling, giggling pile of embarrassment. It happens sometimes. To make matters worse, I accidentally brought along a faulty copy of my second story, which was missing the final page. Kept the audience in suspense, at least. I read two stories, “The Water Tower” and “The Jacket”.


One thought on “VelRo

  1. onc est April 18, 2015 / 3:32 am

    Is the final page in the brown bin?……drifting out to sea


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