I learned a few things working as an Assistant Fiction Editor for Fourteen Hills this semester. The stresses of the slush pile, the joy of in depth discussions and breakthroughs with our fiction team, the jittery excitement of knowing the journal is at the printers.

But I’d have to say that perhaps the most important thing I learned came from the slush pile; there are tons and tons and tons of men submitting their work, and far fewer women. I came away from slush with a determination to change that, to add my voice.

This isn’t news, it isn’t a new thing, but it’s something that needs to be addressed, and has been given a lot of attention recently.

There’s the VIDA count, which, among other things, measures the disparity in major literary publications and book reviews.

There’s this recent article from The Review Review, that asks and then answers, “Where are the Female Lit Mag Editors?”

And now there’s Lumen, a magazine for and by woman-identified writers. Run by San Diego writers, the submission period for their first issue is open until May 17th, so send your writing to them! They’re also open for blog posts on a rolling basis. Submit! Share your voice!


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