Young and Motivated: Rwandan Women in Tech

The other week I had the pleasure of interviewing RPCV Lyla Fujiwara about her experience working with young women in tech during her service in Rwanda. Lyla and I were in the Peace Corps at roughly the same time, and it was really interesting talking with her about the projects she spearheaded.  You unexpectedly become a leader when your interests and skills coincide with the needs of the community, whether those skills lie in tech or the English language. Read the interview here: Young and Motivated: Rwandan Women in Tech

Peace Corps Ukraine didn’t have any IT volunteers, though I know my school could have benefitted from one. Each Peace Corps country decides the kinds of volunteers they need; in Ukraine they have TEFL, community development, and youth development. Ah, I see you’ve noted my use of the present tense above–good eye, dear reader. Though volunteers were evacuated from Ukraine in February 2014, about 6 months after I finished my service, the program has recently reopened in central and western Ukraine.

I took some time today to browse through the PC Ukraine website, and I found the video of my swearing in, back in June 2011. Our swearing in coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of the Peace Corps. Check it out and see if you can spot me anywhere. (I had short hair and was wearing a beige dress.)


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